Vort Oakland's Park

Vort Oakland’s Park

Why A Class Driving School – Vort in Oakland’s Park?

A Class Driving School is located in the Southern Suburbs of Adelaide so we have available Vort in the Oakland’s Park area.

Oakland’s Park is a great area to undertake your vort as it is only a 10 Minute drive to the hub where your test will start from.

At the hub it has toilet facilities as well as a lovely park lands. While you are doing your vort your supervising driver will be able to enjoy the park lands.


A Class Driving School is and is owned and operated by Alvin since 2000. We offer Vort for all South

Australians needing a drivers license. All our Instructor’s are Authorised Examiners who conduct the Vort.


The Vort is a single test, you will either pass or fail. Generally people needing to undertake the Vort.

are Overseas License holders needing to transfer their overseas license, or people who are very confident and learner drivers who may of

completed the required hours needed. The choice is yours and only you can make it. The Examiner who will be testing must not have had

training with you and is not permitted to test you if they have. Prior to undertaking a Vort it recommend to have Driving Lessons with

an  Trainer and prepare your self so that you have every chance of passing the first time.


You can use your own Vehicle or the Instructor Vehicle when you are ready for your test. Generally people will use their own Vehicle mainly

because they are use to driving their own Vehicle and feel comfortable. That is another good thing about A Class you can use your own