Vort Briefing


General Drive

Vort Brief is given to the client prior to the Vort commencing.

There are three column’s on the Vort recording sheet, these column’s are the general drive in the Vort.

In Each column there is a “N” Colum. What gets recorded in these columns are any system, or car car control faults.

In the bottom left corner under General drive, all faults recorded with a “N” will be recorded in this section.



Vort Brief

There are 5 Maneuver’s which you are only allowed 1 attempt for each maneuver.

The maneuvers consist of  3point turn, Uturn, Angle Park, Moving off, Para ell Park,

Once you have have demonstrated a maneuver if it is correct it is recorded with a “y” (Yes).

If your demonstration was incorrect it is recorded with a “N” (No).

A reason will be given if the maneuver was demonstrated incorrectly.

The Angle park maneuver, is assessed when leaving the hub and on the return into the hub.



to be successful you must get 90% and 100 percent road law.

during the Vort if you break the law the Vort is terminated and you will be directed back to the start point.

The directions during the vort will be clear and precise.

once a direction has been given and you didn’t hear it clearly you may ask for the direction to be repeated.

Once a direction has been given and you take the incorrect direction you will be directed back onto the Vort route.



 At the conclusion of your Vort I will explain the result with you.


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