Bedford Park

A Class Driving School


Vort Bedford park A Class Driving School in Adelaide is located in the South Western Suburbs of Adelaide and has Examiners providing the vort around Bedford Park.


Our Examiners have got the qualifications to conduct your vort for you.


The closest hub for you to undertake your Vort is at the Marion outdoor Swimming Centre which is only a 10 Minute

drive from Bedford Park.


Driving Lessons prior to undertaking a Vort

Vort Bedford Park A Class Driving School offers the Vort, we have Examiners available in the area that can test you.

Prior to taking the Vort A Class Driving School recommends driving lessons to prepare you for the test.


Your Driving Test

Once you have meet your Examiner at the hub the Examiner will identify themselves and show you there identification. The Examiner will then need to site your permit. if you don’t have your permit with you, the Examiner will not be permitted to go ahead with your test because it is a Service SA rule.

The vehicle that will be used must be roadworthy and the Examiner will check the vehicle prior to starting your test.

Vort Bedford Park

Roadworthy Vehicle

Your vehicle needs to be roadworthy for your vort. the examiner will check the vehicle at the hub prior to starting your vort because it is a requirement.


5 maneuvers

3 Point Turn

Moving Off

U turn

Angle Park

Reverse Parallel Park


Vort Bedford Park
General Drive

To pass a Vort you must demonstrate 5 slow speed Manoeuvres.

and in combination with the general drive score a pass mark of 90%.


Vort Bedford Park

Booking Instructions

Use the icon “Book vort” and the calendar will pop up for viewing.

Choose a time and date for your vort and complete the booking form.


Shortly after booking and making your payment a final confirmation email will be sent to you.

Having a confirmation is a friendly reminder because we don’t want you to forget your test date.



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