Terms and Conditions

              Terms & Conditions                                                                                                                                                                             




All Vort bookings and payments are done online through A Class Driving School website.



With A Class Driving School you can view the Examiners availability by viewing the online calendar.

Being able to choose your own date and time is a convenient way of booking your Vort.


Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

After receiving your online booking the examiner will go ahead and book your Vort with Service SA.

The cost associated with your Service SA booking fee is $37.00 which the fee is set by Service SA.

In the event you need to change your booking date and time it does require a further booking fee to make your booking again.


Meeting at the Hub

The Examiner will be at the hub at the agreed time and date. Please ensure that you arrive on time, the Government will not allow a Examiner to start a Vort if the client is more than 15 Minutes late. the reason for this is because the Government at times do random Audits.


Terms and Conditions


Your Vehicle

Your Vehicle needs to be roadworthy prior to the Examiner commencing your Vort because it is a requirement of your Vort, and in the interest of road safety and other road users. If your vehicle is not roadworthy your Vort will need to be rebooked and will require the full fee.



Please ensure you have your permit with you when you arrive at the hub. If you are on a temporary permit the Examiner will need to sight a photo identification of you. The reason for this is because the Examiner will need to ensure you are the correct person.  


Terms and Conditions


In Car Camera

A vehicle in car camera will be used for your Vort The reason for using a camera is because it’s about everyone’s safety and Quality control. A Class Driving School will only permit the registrar of motor vehicles or SAPOL to view the recording in the event the client is not satisfied or believes the examiner was inappropriate or not professional. the recording is not shared with any other parties and that includes social media and is stored security of the recording is secured safe. 



Brief and Debrief

The Examiner prior to commencing the Vort will give a brief and a De-Brief at the conclusion of the Vort because it is a requirement.

You will receive a copy of the result by the Examiner.


Noarlunga Vort Hub

Colonnades shopping Centre car park (7) South West end, opposite emergency assembly area (1) sign – Burgess Drive, Noarlunga
Get Directions – Noarlunga Vort Testing Meeting Place

ParkHolme Vort Hub

Marion Swim Centre car park (North West corner) Hendrie St – ParkHolme
Get Directions to ParkHolme Testing Meeting Place

Flinders Park Vort Hub 

Tedder Reserve Carpark – Findon Road, Flinders Park.

Get Directions to the Flinders Park Hub


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