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A Class Driving School – Book VORT Test in Adelaide

Follow the steps below to book your VORT Test.

    1. Check our Booking Calendar Overview and find a date and time of your convenience.
    2. Select the 10:30AM or 12:45PM slot as per the testing calendar to confirm your booking.
    3. If the date is available, it will be highlighted in GREEN
    4. Now click on the date you wish to book your VORT test.
    5. Enter necessary details into the Booking Form.
    6. Hit the Submit button after completing the form.
    7. You will be taken to the payment page, where you have to ensure payment completion.
    8. Once the payment is cleared your VORT will be booked in with Service SA.

Finally, on successfully booking the VORT Test you will receive a confirmation email.

A Class Driving School VORT Testing Hubs

Noarlunga VORT Testing Meeting Place

Colonnades shopping Centre Car Park 7.

South West end, opposite emergency assembly area (1) sign

Burgess Drive, Noarlunga

View the location on Google Maps – Click Here

Get Directions – Noarlunga Vort Testing Meeting Place

Park Holme VORT Testing Meeting Place

Marion Outdoor Swim Centre car park (Northwest corner) Hendrie St – ParkHolme

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Get Directions to Park Holme VORT Testing Meeting Place


How to Prepare for Your VORT Test?

Prior to taking the Vort Test, A Class Driving School recommends driving lessons to prepare you for the examination. Taking these driving lessons is important because you will need to know the basics or driving and what the examiner will expect from you during the test.

What Entails Your VORT Driving Test?

During a VORT Test the examiner will meet you at the hub on the date of the booking.

You have to show them your ID proof after the examiner is formally introduced.

The examiner will then examine your vehicle to ensure it is roadworthy.

After this, you finally take the VORT Test.

What is Included in Roadworthy Vehicle Check?

The examiner will check the following parts to ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy.

  • Brake Lights
  • Indicators
  • Warning Device
  • Vehicle registration
  • Tire condition

What is General Drive in a VORT Test?

The general drive component of your VORT will test your driving skills, like changing lanes, turning on and from busy roads, turning at traffic lights, negotiating roundabouts, stop and give-way signs, your interaction with other drivers and passers-by and the system of car control.

What is the Significance of 5 Manoeuvres?

To pass a VORT you must demonstrate 5 slow speed Manoeuvres, and in combination with the general drive score, you can get a pass mark of 90% or more provided there is no breach of road law during the driving test. The 5 slow speed Manoeuvres are:

  1. 3 Point Turn
  2. Moving Off
  3. U turn
  4. Angle Park
  5. Reverse Parallel Park

VORT Test – Testing Information Overview

All Vort are conducted in the clients Vehicle. As a Examiner and a trainer for many years I have found people like to use their own vehicle for both training and testing.

Why is this? Because they are in their own environment, they feel in control as they are familiar in their own vehicle.

People who do a Vort in a Vehicle they have never driven before can be unfamiliar, in particular not knowing where certain control’s are.

Our VORT Test Cancellation Policy

Bookings cancelled less than 5 days prior to the test date and time are not refundable unless the Examiner can manage an alternative booking slot.

Service SA Booking fees

Service SA charge a booking fee of $37.00 for all Vort in South Australia.

If you need to reschedule (after the examiner has booked) you will have to pay $37.00 for the new booking as per Service SA booking rules.

Please ensure prior to booking and finalising your payment that you will be available. this will prevent further fees to you.

Why do we have VORT Testing Hubs?

There are specific VORT testing hubs because the VORT tests are regulated by the Australian Government to ensure our road safety is maintained.