Driving Class Prices

A Class Driving Class Price for CBT&A (Logbook) Fees

  • All driving lessons are 90 Minutes and the cost is $110.00
  • 24 hours notice is required if you need to cancel or change the time of your driving lesson or a $50.00 fee will apply.
  • If your driving instructor arrives for your driving lesson and you are not there the instructor will charge the whole fee $110.00

 A Class Driving Class Price for Vehicle On Road Test

  • $160.00 in your car
  • $190.00 in driving instructor car

Please note the price of the test also includes the Government booking fee.  Your driving test must be paid in full when booking with us, and please be aware once you have booked your driving test it is not refundable.

IMPORTANT: It is an South Australian Goverment rule that any CBT final drive or Vort test booked, Service SA require 2 clear day’s notice.  There are two reasons for this:
  1. If you pass your driving test you will be issued with an certificate, the certificate will need to be handed to a  Service SA centre so that it can be processed.
  2. It allows the Government to sit in the driving instructors car during the test if required.

 A Class Driving School –  Pricing | Driving Lesson Gift Voucher

A voucher with A Class Driving School is the perfect gift:

  • for some one starting their driving journey
  • needing a refresher
  • for learner drivers who are in the need of a driving test.

Not all driving schools will charge the same, A Class Driving School prices are affordable and competitive.

Encourage a friend or family member to start driving – get him or her a a gift voucher for a driving lesson with A Class Driving School.

We ensure drivers learn the essential driving skills to become safer drivers for life, well beyond their driving test.

Adelaide driving schools do not charge the same price with driving lessons or driving tests.   A Class Driving School pricing is listed below and it should be noted that once you have made your booking with us, the pricing will remain the same until you have your license.

 A Class Driving Class Price for Vehicle On Road Test

  • $165.00 in your car
  • $195.00 in driving instructor car

When making a booking a deposit will be required (Half of the test fee) to secure your booking. The out standing amount will be paid on the day of your test. Once you have paid your deposit a receipt can either be emailed to you or given to you on the day of your driving test. Please note the deposit is not refundable in the event you fail to attend your test. A SMS will be sent to you once the test booking has been made advising you as to the start location.


Payment can only be made by the following Please have your card ready when making your booking, thankyou for choosing A Class Driving School.

driving classes in Adelaide

To purchase a gift voucher or confirm pricing please call us 0437 655 001.

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  • Best St Marys Driving School
    Joshua from Oaklands Park got 97% Logbook!  Well done Joshua.  Congratulations and safe driving.
    Oaklands Park
  • Best Sturt Driving School
    Completed logbook and got provisional license through the logbook system.
  • I completed my log book with Alvin in 12 lessons, I highly recommend the logbook to any learner driver and I got 100% on my final drive.
    Hallet Cove
  • Well, I got my P's thanks Alvin. Muchly appreciated. Love driving your car!
  • Best Trott Park Driving School
    I'm Mukta from Happy Valley. Thank you to A Class Driving School and Alvin. Log book system is a good choice when learning to drive.
    Happy Valley
  • Best Sheidow Park Driving School
    Tom from Marion achieved his provisional licence in 11 / 90 Minute driving lessons , well done Tom congratulations and safe driving.
  • Best Adelaide Driving School
    "I am William from Marion l have just completed my log book with Alvin , my recommendation is the logbook system and recommend Alvin to your family!!"
  • Best Seacombe Driving School
    Scott from Morphett Vale happily got his provisional licence with a score of 93 Percent, well done Scott and safe driving!
    Morphett Vale
  • Best Seacliff Driving School
    Chelsea from Hallett cove completed her logbook , well done Chelsea and safe motoring
    Hallett Cove
  • Best Reynella Driving School
    George from flagstaff Hill completed  his CBT&A log book in 12 lesson's and achieved a score of 97 percent.
    Flagstaff Hill
  • Flagstaff Hill Driving School - Noah
    He was licenced on Christmas Eve after completing the CBT logbook System.Congratulations Noah. Merry Christmas.
    Flagstaff Hill
  • Flagstaff Hill Driving School - Grant
    Grant has completed his logbook with Alvin and both mum and dad very happy with Grants result 96 Percent and 14 lessons well done Grant and safe driving.
    Flagstaff Hill
  • Hove Driving Class - Nathan
    Nathan well done with a score of 93 Percent and 10 lessons !!Drive safely Nathan.
  • Hove Driving Class - Sarah
    Sarah from hove completed the CBT&A logbook in 12 lessons and a score of 98 Percent. Sarah was all smiles having an higher score than her brother Nathan.It was a pleasure teaching Nathan and Sarah and see you on the road !!
  • Best cheap driving lessons Adelaide
    Aiden from O'halloran hill completed his CBT&A log book with a score of 98 percent . Well done Aiden and a thankyou to your mum and dad for supporting Aiden also with his lessons.
    From O'halloran Hill
  • Kristy from Happy Valley completed CBT&A logbook over a 12month period. Learner driver's are encouraged as soon as you obtain your learner's permit start driving lessons. Kirsty had driving lessons every 2 weeks and was affordable over the 12month period.Safe driving Kristy and all the very best.
    From Happy Valley
  • Glenelg Driving School - Kyle
    I was able to complete the logbook with Alvin in 12 lessons, and achieved an score of 94 Percent.I strongly recommended the logbook system to all novice learner drivers.The positive about the logbook system is getting your provisional licence the first time.
    Glenelg East
  • Best O'Halloran Hill Driving School
    Elias from Kingswood completed his CBT&A logbook in 15 lessons with a score of 94 Percent.Elias had minimal driving experience prior to starting driving lessons and recommend the log book to all learner driver's.
  • Best Park Holme Driving School
    After having 15 lesson's learning the logbook system, I certainly have become not just an driver but a safe driver thanks to Alvin.Learning about the system of car control is an skill itself, so my recommendation for all learners is to learn using the logbook system.
    Trott Park
  • Best Happy Valley Driving School
    Kai from West Beach passed his Vort Test today 93 Percent well done Kai and safe driving.
    West Beach
  • Best Edwardstown Driving School
    Josh from Glenelg has completed his logbook in 12 Lessons.Well done Josh happy driving!!
  • Best Hallett Cove Driving School
    Dr Lucy from Glenelg after completing her logbook achieved a great score of 95 Percent! Safe driving lucy and thankyou for choosing A Class Driving School.
    Dr Lucy
  • Best Goodwood Driving School
    Tom from Millswood completed the CBT log book system with AClass Driving School well done Tom and safe motoring.
  • Best Glenelg Driving School
    Lilli complete her logbook today congratulations and safe driving.Thank you to Lilly's parents who were supporting Lilly with her driving lessons.
  • Best Flagstaff Hill Driving School
    Pek Wong - Pek was on a overseas licence rather than attempting the Vort test decided to complete the CBT log book.Thank you Pek it was great pleasure teaching you to drive and many years of safe motoring.
    Pek Wong
  • Best Clovelly Park Driving School
    Bryn from Reynella completed the CBT&A logbook system over a 12months while on his learners permit.Congratulations!!!Alvin Jupp Motor Vehicle Driving Instructor 0437 655 001
    From Reynella
  • Best driving lessons christies beach
    Matthew from Mitcham had done a Vehicle on Road test (Vort) and failed.
    After explaining to Matthew and his mum about CBT&A they listened to my advise and Matthew completed his logbook with me.
    Matthew and his mum were very happy and grateful for my honesty and to see Matthews smile when I licensed him was great.
    Safe driving Matthew regards Alvin.
  • Best brighton driving school
    Charlie achieved 97 Percent and achived his license in 12 lessons . Alvin taught also his brother Max and their cousins Annie and William.Charlie was put through the logbook.Safe driving Charlie !!
    From Glenelg
  • Best Ascot Park Driving School
    Aidan from Morphettvale completed his CBT&A classes congratulations Aidan and drive safely...
    from Morphettvale
  • Hallet Cove Driving Class - Emily
    Emily from Hallet Cove completed her logbook CBT&A . Thank you to Emily and her parents for supporting A Class Driving School. Safe driving Emily !!!
    Hallet Cove