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New Laws 28th July 2014

New Laws

new laws

New Laws coming for Learner Drivers from 28th July 2014.

These new laws are not about making life tougher for young drivers. They’re about protecting them and saving lives.

Our young people make up five percent of our population, but accounted for 12 percent of fatalities and serious injuries from 2008 – 2012. Statistics from the Australian Road Deaths Database show that South Australia has the second worst fatality rate for the 16-19 year old age group of all Australian states and territories. Research shows that crashes are most likely to occur during the first 6 to 12 months of holding a provisional licence when the driver is least experienced and driving unsupervised.

Night Driving Restrictions:

Under the new laws driving restrictions will apply between midnight and 5am for all P1 Licence holders under the age of 25, for the duration of the P1 Licence. This includes any one who has a P1 Licence on 28th July 2014, and any one who obtains a P1 Licence on or after 28th July 2014.

The night time restriction does not apply to P1 licence holders aged 25 or olderor P2 licence holders or if a P1 Licence holder has a Qualified Supervising Driver seated next to them.

Provisional Licence Extended:

Under the new laws an extension of the provisional licence period from two to three years will mean one year on a P1 and two years on a P2 licence.

The extended P licence will apply to all provisional licences issued on or after 28th July 2014. It will not apply to a P1 or P2 licence issued before 28th July 2014.

Passenger restrictions:

Under the new laws a passenger restriction applies for P1 drivers under the age of 25, allowing no more than 1 passenger aged 16-20 years excluding immediate family members for the duration of the P1 licence. This includes anyone who has a P1 licence on 28th July 2014 and anyone who obtains a P1 licence on or after 28th July 2014. The passenger restriction does not apply to P1 licence holders aged 25 or older or P2 licence holders, or if a P1 licence holder has a qualified Supervising Driver seated next to them.

Hazzard Perception Test for Learners:

The hazard perception test is a computer-Based ability test to test the driver’s ability to recognise dangerous situations and to react safely.

The hazzard perception test is currently a requirement to graduate from P1 to P2, from 28th July 2014 the hazzard perception test will come earlier in the GLS so that it becomes a requirement to gradulatefrom a learner’s permit to a P1.

Please note that prior to sitting for your hazzard perception test you are required to contact Department Of Planning

Transport and Infrastructure on 131084. If you just turn up you will not be tested a appointment must be made.

Removing Regression:

Currently learner’s permit and provisional licence holders who are disqualified will regress to a previous licence stage and must re-pass any associated tests before re-commencing driving.

Regression is being removed so that drivers who apply for a learner’s permit or provisional licence following a disqualification period will return to the licence stage they were at when they committed the offence resulting in the disqualification.